Turkish Peace and Justice Committee

The Turkish Peace and Justice Committee may or may not be an actual entity.  They might be a shadowy front for a group of anonymous Turkish nationalists attacking Mike Gatto as they seek to further deny the role Turkey played in the Armenian genocide.

In the wake of World War I, the republic that would come to be known as Turkey engaged in what scholars consider to be the first modern genocide when they systematically attempted to destroy the Armenian population.  More than a million people were brutally murdered and many more were displaced, in actions the Turkish government still seeks to deny.  Many of the survivors of the genocide settled in California’s 43rd State Assembly district.

Acting on their behalf, Mike Gatto authored a bill that would extend the deadline for survivors of the genocide and their heirs to file claims in California courts for insurance policies that were never paid.

That’s when the Turkish Peace and Justice Committee suddenly materialized, urging Mike Gatto to abandon his bill.  Instead of admitting genocide-denial as their real motivation for fighting the bill, the TFP claimed allowing victims to sue for unpaid insurance claims would be unfair to international insurance giants, who’ve been struggling in this economy.

But here’s the weird part… Google “Turkish Peace and Justice Committee,” and you’ll find plenty of references to their letter to Mike Gatto.  But you won’t find an official site.  The TFP doesn’t seem to do much, except for the one time they threatened Mike Gatto.

So are they real?  Could they possibly be a front for some other nefarious group?  Perhaps a cadre of various anti-Gatto/anti-Armenian contingents.  Or just one of those random obsessed lunatics with nothing more than an email address and a fancy sounding name?

What’s especially ironic about this particular enemy of Mike Gatto, is that other enemies of Mike Gatto have actually had the gall to attack him for being anti-Armenian.  Just goes to show you how deranged and biased the Enemies of Mike Gatto can be.


2 Responses to Turkish Peace and Justice Committee

  1. HannahLee says:

    A case could be made for Mike Gatto being anti-Armenian, since he mistakenly believes that Armenian men carry and transmit more STD’s because the majority of Armenian men are not circumcised.

    • yeah, well that’s like saying that pigs have a greater chance of being dirty since they sleep in mud. if you ask me, your preoccupation with mike gatto’s opinions on penises tells me that you have grown weary of dirty, uncircumcised armenian penises and passive aggressively resent mike gatto and his wife for getting to enjoy a bigger, thicker, cleaner and tastier member.

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