“Tony” is the only known identity of yet another bizarre crusader against the king of sweetness, Mike Gatto. You may be wondering exactly which Mike Gatto policies Tony opposes. I’ll give you three guesses.

Is it Mike Gatto’s proven track record of defending small business owners?

Nope. Guess again.

Is it Mike Gatto’s tireless fight to get the victims of the Armenian genocide the proper recognition they deserve?

If you were on Family Feud, this is what you’d be seeing:

The answer, loyal readers, is Mike Gatto’s stance on fucking circumcision. I shit you not.

Here is Tony’s *snicker* “critique” of Mike Gatto’s stance on AB-768, a bill designed to ensure that future generations of California dicks aren’t infested with stinky, disgusting foreskin germs. I took it all a little personally, I admit. But still. I wasn’t going to stand idly by while yet another delusional wacko slandered Mike Gatto’s sweet-ass name.

I warned Tony that he was cruising for our enemies list, but he still refused to shut his fat, stupid, cowardly mouth and continued his vicious, unfounded, horribly misguided attack on Mike Gatto’s foreskin policies. So, as promised, here he is on our enemies list, where he will forever stay. Laugh your asses off, Gatto Nation. For Tony is one truly pathetic dumbass, and a very worthy addition to this compendium of depravity.

For the record, Tony claims to be proud to share company with the likes of the hideously obese Mike Bigby, the mentally ill Peter Musurlian, and the oppressive, murderous Ottoman Turks. I don’t doubt he is. Because he’s stupid and likes stinky, disgusting dicks.


12 Responses to “Tony”

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  5. Celeste says:

    This is my new favorite website. Thank you!

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