“Bukkake” Ron Kaye

Angelinos may know Ron Kaye as the former publisher of the Los Angeles Daily News, or from his philanthropic enterprises such as the Saving LA Project.  Regardless of what this carefully constructed public persona would indicate, he is a bitter and angry man with a personal vendetta against Mike Gatto, state assembly representative for California’s 43rd district.

You may remember the brouhaha that erupted when a morbidly obese nerd with an Internet connection attempted to slander Mike Gatto.  Mike’s legal team devoured the nerd and his lies were purged.

Well, apparently that swift hand of justice scared the piss out of nerd community.  Other nerdy bloggers cried and whined about having to tell the truth.  One of those crying and whining the loudest was Ron Kaye.

Armed with nothing more than speculation and innuendo, Kaye advanced the intellectually worthless argument that because Mike Gatto wanted those blog posts removed, he must be hiding something.

This, of course, is a stupid idea.  The reason  Mike Gatto wanted those posts removed is because they were lies.  Freedom of speech does not entitle people to lie, betray and slander someone, Mr. Kaye.  Even in the angry little world of the Internet.

The fact that Ron Kaye can not recognize this simple truth only serves to indicate the depths of his seething anti-Mike Gatto bias.  The reason he is unable to see something so plain and obvious is because he does not want to.

Unable to confront the painful truth about his life’s pathetic ineptitude, Ron Kaye’s twisted psyche must interpret anyone as successful, beloved and ruggedly handsome as Mike Gatto as a villain. This is most likely attributable to some traumatic experiences in a high school locker-room.

Most hilarious was Kaye’s attempt to re-post the same incendiary blog posts that started the whole situation.  His attempts backfired, and he only made himself look like more of a giant ass.


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