Phil Jennerjahn

Phil Jennerjahn is one of those wackos who’s always running and always losing hopelessly in some election somewhere in the state.  According to any website maintained by Jennerjahn himself, he is a thoughtful and intelligent politician with many valuable insights.  If you ask anyone who’s not Phil Jennerjahn, you’ll likely hear that he’s a bumbling tit for whom failure is the only success.

Jennerjahn was one of the cyberbullies who dog-piled on Mike Gatto after the handsome state assemblyman forced Mike Higby, an obese nerd, to remove some lies from his blog.

Apparently, nerds of a feather stick together.  Jennerjahn attempted to smear Mike Gatto by implying the Gatto campaign was behind an anonymous website that cropped up criticizing Higby.   The site claimed Higby was a racist who was accepting bribes from government officials.

Gatto responded just as swiftly to Jennerjahn as he did to Higby.  he flat-out denied the allegations in a humble and sincere email.  Jennerjahn back-tracked and immediately apologized for being the latest scum-merchant to try and turn a buck by insulting Mike Gatto.

Clearly, Jennerjahn’s real issue with Mike Gatto is jealousy.  While he’s proven himself quite adept at posting online drivel, Jennerjahn has yet to demonstrate similar competency in the political arena, where he’s always a bridesmaid but never a bride.

At least Jennerjahn had the decency to admit he was wrong and apologize for his attempts to sully Mike Gatto’s good name.  If only the other Enemies of Mike Gatto could be as contrite.


2 Responses to Phil Jennerjahn

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