Peter Musurlian

Peter Musurlian is without a doubt the most deranged of the Gattophobes.  He’s the CEO of Globalist Films, a company that exists insofar as it has a crappy website and a YouTube channel.  If that’s what qualifies as a film company these days, then Peter Musurlian is the Louis B. Mayer of Shittsville.

Pete describes himself as a journalist and documentarian, though has hatchet jobs qualify as neither.  They are amateurish, both in their intellectual content and stylistic presentation.

In a video that make Michael Moore look like Edward R. Murrow, Musurlian disrupts a public meeting to which Mike Gatto was invited as a speaker.  His grandstanding and nonsensical squawking prompted a mild mannered old lady to remove him from the room.  Crusading journalist/raving bagman Peter Musurlian was thus thwarted.

In the video, Musurlian slows footage down and imposes an image of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il over the polite and reasonable old lady’s face.  As a filmmaker, Peter demonstrates the subtlety of a jackhammer on a puppy.  As a self-pitying martyr, he is perhaps unparalleled in history.

Still, he soldiers on, embarrassing himself and his family with short You Tube videos that do nothing to further any meaningful debate, except possibly making an accidental case for increased funding to state mental health services.  Musurlian can be seen stalking Gatto outside of his offices and accosting a doe-eyed staffer.  All issues of journalistic integrity aside, Musurlian demonstrates a stunning lack of manners and common decency in how he interacts with others.

That was the conclusion also drawn by LA Superior Court Judge William Stewart, when he ordered Musurlian to stay at least 10 yards away from one of the female Gatto staffers Musurlian was notorious for stalking.  The judge went on to label Musurlian’s videos “non-reportage” and described an unhealthy “fixation” Musurlian exhibited over the previous 8 months of regular harassment.

Most shameful however, was Musurlian’s attempt to accuse the Gatto campaign of dividing the Armenian community through a puppet candidate.  In Musurlian’s fractured reality, Mike Gatto has clearly become some sort of James Bond super villain.  In injecting race into a debate where it clearly did not exist, Musurlian reveals himself to be the real race-baiter.  He attacks in Gatto what his raging ego will not let him consciously address in himself.

Thankfully, Peter Musurlian’s embarrassing YouTube self-portraits reveal more about his psychosis than Mike Gatto’s stewardship of California’s 43rd district.  Peter’s work truly speaks for itself.  And it’s saying, “I’m shit!”



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