Ottoman Turks

You know what’s sweet?  Mike Gatto.  You know what’s not sweet?  When an oppressive ethnic or religious majority subjugates a minority through institutionalized discrimination, violence and murder.  That, my friends, is what’s known as sucking major dicks.

Yet sadly, sucking major dicks is all too common amongst some groups of major dick suckers.  Take, for instance, the Ottoman Turks.  From the 1300’s until the early 1900’s, the Ottoman Turks  controlled a broad swath of land including parts of Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Russia — in other words, the shittiest, ugliest, most odoriferous, most body-hairiest, backwoods, goat-fucking, disease-infested portion of the globe.



And for their all hundreds of years of rule, how did they change the world?  I’ll give you a hint — it’s not through any enduring works of art, music, literature or philosophy.  No, it’s through genocide.  Specifically, the Armenian genocide.

Though Turkish dickwads routinely subjected Armenians, Kurds and other ethnic minorities to abuse and mistreatment, they took shit to a whole new level in 1915.  That’s when a group of Turkish Nationalists known as The Young Turks began a methodical and systematic extermination of the Armenian people which included executions, forced labor camps, rape, and mass deportations of women, children and the elderly on death marches through the nearby Syrian desert.

To this day, shit-sucking Turkish fuck-faces refuse to acknowledge their role in decimating the proud Armenian population.  Thankfully, California State Assemblyman Mike Gatto has taken up their plight.  He has authored key legislation, delivered impassioned speeches and hosted Armenian dignitaries in an effort to shed light on the continued suffering of the Armenian people — and the continued major dick-sucking of Muslim Turks and their fellow holocaust deniers.


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