Micro G Pen by Grenco Science

Getting super baked is super sweet, whether it’s by way of joints, bowls, bongs or blunts.  However, the Micro G Pen by Grenco Science is not super sweet because it does not get you super baked.  All it does is break and cost you a bunch of money.

One time I bought two of these shitty pieces of shit, and they both broke.  I furiously blogged about it five times in one night and got it out of my system for a while.  But today I thought about it again and realized fuck those assholes I should put them on the official Enemies of Mike Gatto list so highlight their dirty, thieving, bullshit ways.

I don’t actually know how Mike Gatto feels about the Micro G Pen by Grenco Science, but I do know he’s a sweet dude who likes to fuck and play poker, so I can only assume he thinks getting super baked is super sweet.  And if he thinks that getting baked is super sweet, then he most certainly thinks that the Micro G Pen by Grenco Science fucking sucks the blood from 100 severed dog boners.

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