Los Angeles Dragnet

Los Angeles Dragnet is another one of the faux-news blogs that pollute the Internet and distract politicians from the people’s business.  Like Mayor Sam, Ron Kaye LA, The Jennerjahn Report, and other scandal-mongering blogs, Los Angeles Dragnet makes its authors rich by manipulating the public’s desire for salacious political gossip.

Los Angeles Dragnet was one of the vultures who picked over Mayor Sam’s carcass after Mike Gatto’s attorneys shut him down.  In the months since, they’ve delighted in every opportunity to smear Mike Gatto’s name, even stooping so low as to post satirical pictures mocking Gatto’s ethnic heritage.

Los Angeles Dragnet points out that Gatto may have “shot himself in the foot” by forcing Mike Higby’s Mayor Sam blog remove a pack of treasonous lies.  In the wake of the legal agreement, other blogs and papers have written about the story, and invariably repeat the vicious lies that started the whole goddamn mess in the first place.

LA Dragnet is right about this being a problem.  But fault does not lie with Mike Gatto, or with any man, woman or child who dreams to live in a country free of unjust persecution.  The fault lies squarely with yellow journalists that fabricate controversies to make money.

So it should be no surprise that Los Angeles Dragnet, in it’s “reporting” on the accusations went on to repeat many of them, including charges Mike Gatto doesn’t live in the 43rd District, and a $14,775.50 payment they say her received from City Councilman Nick Pacheco while he was simultaneously working as an aide to Congressman Brad Sherman.

Like the lunatic Obama-haters who can not accept that our first African American President is a citizen, many Gattophobes harbor a bizarre, personal dislike of Mike Gatto, and despite any rational evidence to the contrary, will continue to cling to any desperate conspiracy theory that can validate their warped view of reality


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