Kevin James AM870 KRLA

Kevin James hosts a talk radio show on AM radio.  Since you’re reading this on a blog, that should tell you everything you need to know about Kevin James.  It should come as no surprise that someone as stubbornly out of touch with what’s cool would abhor Mike Gatto.

Kevin James spent a good deal of time regurgitating the vitriol spewed by Mike “Bigby” Higby on his notorious Mayor Sam blog, and weighing in on the legal side of matters.  Of course, he’s not an attorney, and Mike Gatto wasn’t on trial.  So all his insights amounted to a big fat goddamned nothing.

It was James’ “expert” opinion that Higby could counter-sue Mike Gatto and continue posting his ugly, hurtful lies.  He seemed to think that Higby could use what’s known as the Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, or SLAPP law.

This law was designed to keep wealthy and powerful individuals from using their wealth and power to silence critics through the threat of costly lawsuits.  Obviously, this is retarded.  The SLAPP law wasn’t written to protect the rights of the morbidly obese to post lies about popular and beloved public icons.

Kevin James’ misunderstanding of the SLAPP laws is either a measure of his ignorance, or evidence that his intense personal hatred of Mike Gatto and all that he represents blinds him from common sense.

CORRECTION:  Notorious anti-Gatto blogger Mike Higby recently pointed out that Kevin James apparently had a career as an attorney in addition to his work in self promotion.  So based on his skewed interpretation of Gatto’s case against Mayor Sam, we can only conclude that his opinions have less to do with the letter of the law than with his obvious desire to possesses Gatto sexually.


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