John and Ken KFI AM640

John and Ken are two muck-racking political turd merchants who broadcast their bile by way an archaic device known as an “AM Radio.”  Their heavily manicured Wikipedia page boasts of a weekly audience of 1.2 million, though it’s unclear what percentage of those listeneres are senile, deaf, dead or otherwise oblivious to John and Ken’s daily claptrap.

To the extent that John and Ken are known, they are known for regurgitating trite, simplistic talking points on a familiar range of issues known to enrage and engage racists over the age of 55.  They are also known for pale imitations of clever pranks perpetrated by smarter, more original DJ’s with national audiences.  

One of those cheap and toothless pranks involved a sarcastic food drive outside Mike Gatto’s office.  Nobody attended, nothing funny happened, and while their limp-dicked, unimaginative prank succeeded in filling a few hours of idle hours of AM bandwidth, it accomplished nothing and was quickly forgotten.

Since then, John and Ken have wasted no opportunity to slander Mike Gatto’s good name.  And apparently there’s no depths to which they’re unwilling to sink, as they’ve even partnered with convicted stalker Peter Musurlain, who a judge described as having an “unhealthy fixation” with Mike Gatto and his helpless young female staffers.




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