Enemies of Mike Gatto

It should come as no surprise that a man as successful, ambitious, tall, wise and compassionate as Mike Gatto would make a few enemies along the way.  The world is full of jealous misanthropes who delight in torturing anyone who’s popular and good-looking, as if Mike Gatto was personally to blame for the countless swirlies, atomic wedgies and purple nurples of their tortured adolescences.

Please note, THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL LIST ISSUED BY OR ON BEHALF OF MIKE GATTO, HIS STAFF, OR HIS CAMPAIGN. This list represents the sole opinion of its authors, Javis Mitchell and Daulton Gatto (no relation to Mike Gatto).

This list includes individuals who we believe to have defamed, slandered,  libeled, misrepresented or otherwise antagonized Mike Gatto.  They include mentally imbalanced individuals who have received legal threats from Mike Gatto or have been forcibly ejected from public events for creating a nuisance.


Ottoman Turks

Restoring Tally

John and Ken KFI AM640

Peter Musurlian / Globalist Films

Mike Higby / Mayor Sam Blog

Ron Kaye LA

Sierra Madre Tattler

Phil Jennerjahn / The Jennerjahn Report

Turkish Peace and Justice Committee

Los Angeles Dragnet

Kevin James


29 Responses to Enemies of Mike Gatto

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