We Got a New Sweet Podcast

Daulton and I went on a bit of a podcasting spree while his mother, Betty Gatto, was out of town for a while.  She was probably sucking dicks.  That’s so sweet.

Anyways, we put together an all new episode featuring news of Mike Gatto, some reader submitted sex fantasies, and a collection of prank calls Daulton and I made to talk radio shows.  We also produced a podcast extra on the correct spelling of “nutsack,” as well as the first episode of Spotlight on Armenia, a new series in which we celebrate the history and culture of Armenia.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to post those other podcasts because we’ve exceeded our free upload allotment at SoundCloud.  After years of doing all the of the work and paying all of the bills for our site, I’ve decided to let Daulton step up to the plate and do something for once.  So unless he can overcome his terminal laziness and stinginess and pay the $7 a month fee, this may be the last Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude podcast.  Which would be a shame because Spotlight on Armenia is probably our finest work.

Oh yeah, and in order to post our new podcast, SoundCloud had to take down our first one.  So again, until Daulton can become 1% less lazy, that’s gone too.


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One Response to We Got a New Sweet Podcast

  1. Daulton Gatto (no relation to Mike Gatto) says:

    Daulton Gatto is a sweet dude and he will not let the Sweet Dude podcast die.

    $7 a month is bullshit, though.

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