Angela Rupert is a Sweet Dude

It’s highly unusual for our site to endorse or otherwise advocate on behalf of a candidate not named Mike Gatto, but in the race for the State Assembly’s vaunted 46th district, we couldn’t be more pleased to announce our support for Angela Rupert.


Rupert is waging an underdog write-in campaign against the entrenched establishment powers of Adrin Nazarian, or as he’s also known, Dildo Assmouth.  Despite the long odds, she’s got a slick site and a host of appealing stances on issues like education, the environment and immigration.

According to baseless slander from the Dildo Assmouth’s unofficial campaign mouthpiece, Rupert was clandestinely recruited by Mike Gatto to face off against Dildo Assmouth as some sort of retribution against Anthony Porkertino, Dildo Assmouth’s sackmaster.

So far, we’ve been unable to prove whether or Gatto and Rupert are politically aligned, but they certainly seem to be drawn from the same superior DNA pool.  She’s a hot chick, he’s a hot dude, and they’re both so extremely sweet that I get a major boner when I imagine them fucking.

Sadly, the same can not be said of Pokertino and Dildo Assmouth, as they are both ugly and stupid and eat their each other’s shit.  Quite frankly, Sacramento already has enough fat, ugly assholes licking the shit off each other’s butt dildos.  It is within that regard that our site is pleased to offer it’s official endorsement to Angela Rupert in the race for the 46th Assembly district.



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5 Responses to Angela Rupert is a Sweet Dude

  1. Tits R. Grate says:

    Finally, the issues are explained in a way that the rest of us can understand them! I don’t vote for Dildo Assmouths, thank you very much!

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