Mayor Sam Podcast TAKEDOWN!

Gooooooooood Morning Gatto Nation!  It’s been a week or so since our glorious internet takedown of Mayor Sam, that shitty blog that posted a bunch of shitty bullshit about Mike Gatto.  It was so awesome when I think about it,  a little bit of pre-cum bubbles to the tip of my dickhole.

I love jizz.  That’s why Daulton and I decided we should tape an entire podcast dedicated to how shitty that bullshit Mayor Sam article was.  But we don’t stop there… we also discuss Anthony Portantino’s fatness and his former Chief of Staff Trent Hager’s stupidity in using Ashely Madison to try and cheat on his wife.  This podcast is so awesome that when I think about it, that little dot of pre-cum on the tip of my dickhole turns into a full-on raging torrent of hot, salty jizz.  That is so sweet.


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