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SWEET NEWS: More Podcasts Forthcoming 

Good news, sweet dudes: there will be more podcasts in your stream any day now.  Our resident lazy turd, Daulton Gatto, has decided to pony up the seven bucks a month to host more episodes of our awesome podcast.  And … Continue reading

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We Got a New Sweet Podcast

Daulton and I went on a bit of a podcasting spree while his mother, Betty Gatto, was out of town for a while.  She was probably sucking dicks.  That’s so sweet. Anyways, we put together an all new episode featuring … Continue reading

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Angela Rupert is a Sweet Dude

It’s highly unusual for our site to endorse or otherwise advocate on behalf of a candidate not named Mike Gatto, but in the race for the State Assembly’s vaunted 46th district, we couldn’t be more pleased to announce our support for … Continue reading

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Mayor Sam Podcast TAKEDOWN!

Gooooooooood Morning Gatto Nation!  It’s been a week or so since our glorious internet takedown of Mayor Sam, that shitty blog that posted a bunch of shitty bullshit about Mike Gatto.  It was so awesome when I think about it, … Continue reading

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Fuck You and Fuck Your Stupid Bullshit: Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude

What the fuck is wrong with Scott Johnson at Mayor Sam?  If this is old news to you, then I apologize.  But we’ve been so busy getting extremely stoned and recording a podcast and a concept album about Mike Gatto … Continue reading

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