Who The Fuck Is This Turd-Licker?

What the fuck is this bullshit?  And who is this turd-licker talking shit about Mike Gatto?

So apparently this licker of turds is Caitlin Mulcahey, and she’s running for the 9th district in the State Senate.  Apparently she was too busy licking turds to get the news that Mike Gatto dropped out of the race for the 9th district months ago.

In this poorly produced video, one of her goons makes bizarre accusations about Mike Gatto hiding something, not being responsive enough on Facebook, and not disclosing endorsements — again, for the race he isn’t running in.

Everything about this video is amateur hour.  Did nobody think to get her a goddamn microphone?  And once they saw how shitty and stupid their video turned out, why didn’t they just scrap it and say, “Well guys, we tried our best, but our best was just a shitty, embarrassing mess, so let’s take a few days off, regroup, and try again later.”

Earth to turd-licker:  Mike Gatto is not your enemy.  This fat fuck is:





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