Axl/DC SHOCKER: Buckethead to Replace Angus Young

Notorious 80’s rocker Axl Rose shocked the music world again when he recently confirmed rumors that he was joining AC/DC, replacing longtime frontman Brian Johnson.  But that was only the start…


In a new statement to the press, Axl Rose announced his decision to turn the tables on Angus Young, firing him from his own band and replacing him with avant garde guitarist Buckethead.

“This was not an easy decision to make, but in order to live, nature must sometimes evolve, and in regards to AC/DC, this creative evolution was unfortunately and painfully necessary,” Rose said in a long and convoluted press release.

Rose paid backhanded compliments to Young’s “vintage” sound while arguing the band had failed to grow or creatively develop in any substantial way during his time at the helm.  “In Buckethead, AC/DC has found a visionary talent who can push myself and everyone else on my team achieve our absolute best and take the band to its next level.”


Angus Young declined to comment, as the terms of his non-disclosure agreement prevent him from discussing AC/DC.


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