Anthony Portantino Shits Himself

As my esteemed colleague Daulton Gatto (no relation to Mike Gatto) recently observed, The Burbank Blogger is the stupidest person in Southern California.  Why?  Because he continues to assert that our awesome site is secretly written by the least awesome person in the world — Anthony Portantino!

Want proof of this ridiculous claim?  Well, they don’t have any.  Or at least none they’re willing to share.  As of yet, all they’ve offered is the laughable suggestion that our mockery of Portantino has been too glib and transparently self-serving to be real.

Obviously, this is bullshit.  Our mockery of Portantino has been up to — if not exceeding — the incredibly high standards to which we hold ourselves.  But just in case anyone out there has any lingering doubts as to whether or not we’re pulling our punches, then let me proudly present this video… of Anthony Portantino… candidate for the State Senate… shitting himself on live TV.

Suck it.


About Jarvis Mitchell

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