Jarvis & Daulton’s Hot New Single

Daulton and I are happy to announce we’ve got an awesome new song to share with everybody.  It’s called “Big Dick / Soft Balls,” and it’s about a dude who is so extremely sweet thanks in no small part to his big dick and his two unbelievably soft balls.  His name is Mike Gatto, and he recently retired from politics.

When we first heard the news, we were worried we’d have nothing new to write about on our awesome blog.  But after we smoked some weed about it, we realized Mike’s retirement from the state legislature had only freed us.  Until he decides to run for Lt. Governor, we pretty much get to make up whatever we want to when it comes to Mike’s awesome adventures.  Like the novel about Mike and his time machine, or the complimentary audiobook, or the radio drama, or that feature film we’ve been developing.

I’m getting side tracked.  The point is, we have an awesome new song.  And when taken with our first song (“Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude”), we’re now 2 songs into an inevitable concept album.  The future is wide open.


About Jarvis Mitchell

author, politico, collector of pens
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