Burbank Blogger Continues to be Retarded

Those dudes at the Burbank Blog stopped farting on their own balls long enough to post another inflammatory accusation that our esteemed journal is secretly written by an Anthony Portantino operative.

What a bunch of dumbfucks.  The only evidence they offer is that because we read their stupid blog for dumbfucks who fart on their own balls, we must be political operatives of some kind — because how else would anyone know about their stupid blog for dumbfucks who fart on their own balls?

Oh, I dont’ know… how about Google?  Is it that hard to imagine that someone who maintains a Mike Gatto news site would at some point use Google to search for news about Mike Gatto?  And if you can accept that far-fetched reality, then it isn’t too big of a stretch to imagine they could  link to the Burbank Blog — one of the five of six websites boring enough to care about the California State Assembly.

To be as clear as possible:  we could give a fuck about the State Assembly, Anthony Porkertino, Armenia, or any of the dumbass shit we learn about while following the adventures of Mike Gatto’s big dick.

The ball-farters at the Burbank Blog insist that they do have some actual evidence of their elaborate Nazi conspiracy theory, but that they’re waiting until voters are paying attention to the election to spring their brilliant trap.  I got news for you dildos… if you’re waiting on voters to pay attention to Anthony Unimportantino’s pathetic, party-engineered, unchallenged, cake-walk to the State Senate, you can keep right on waiting.  Dildos.


Sigh.  As much as I wanted to believe that Anthony Portantino was our stalker, it now seems to be pretty clear it was the Burbank Blogger.  Just look at how weirdly obsessed they got, and how quickly.  Fuck, I hadn’t noticed their stupid dumbfuck email for 6 months.  Now they can’t stop stalking us and posting about us trying to find our homes and posting about how he thinks we are part of some convoluted Nazi plot by a deep Portantino operative.

Which operative?  Probably Trent Hagar, Portantino’s former Chief of Staff.  The Burbank Blogger’s had a hard-on for Hagar for a while now, and looking back over their older posts, I now realize they’ve been making the same vague, baseless accusations for some time now, though they were clearly too pussy to just come out and say it…

If there is any doubt that Portantino views Gatto as a threat it must be noted that Portantino operative Trent Hager (no relation to any other Hager hardy-har) has stepped up his anonymous blogging efforts…

True, we had stepped up our blogging efforts at MGIASD in August of 2014, but that was due to the fact I was unemployed and had a lot of free time to smoke weed and think about how sweet Mike Gatto’s big dick is.  However, it had nothing to do with me being Trent Hager.

But there is no connection for sure and the recent coincidental attacks are just coincidence for sure LOL as people are now coincidentally openly talking about Gatto running for the Senate coincidentally.  Harumph!  Portantino’s tactics are as ugly as his mug.

And from the comments below…

I think I know about the site you are talking about. You have to ask yourself, if Mike Gatto, a regular Assemblyman, has generated such a site, he must be doing something right! It’s a slickly produced, well funded effort that takes up a lot of someone’s time; several hours a day clearly. Let’s ask ourselves: who benefits from such an effort? People don’t do things like that for free. There’s only one answer. “Fat Tony” Portantino, the wannabe mob boss of local politics.



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