Mike Gatto Offers $$$ for Good Ideas

One of Mike Gatto’s pet projects, a state-wide initiative to award cash for good ideas, is ready to launch.  It may sound strange to elect politicians to fix the government, only to have them turn around and offer you money to tell them how, but that’s the idea.  And according to this badass clip from Assembly Access, it’s worked elsewhere.

Mike Gatto rightly describes California as an “App Economy,” and expects many of these submissions to be related to technology and how it can be applied to streamline government processes.

I don’t know much about government processes, but I do know about dicks and fucking.  And if you ask me, it’s a goddamn travesty that there are tons of pills  to get your dick hard but no pills to make you jizz more.  So there!  California can have my brilliant idea… I want a pill that makes me jizz gallons.  Where’s my 25 grand?


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6 Responses to Mike Gatto Offers $$$ for Good Ideas

  1. Slunky Sam says:

    How come Guido Gatto pussied out of a race against Fatso Portantino?

  2. Guido McMaster says:

    Jarvis, after you’re done fucking Slunky’s whore mother, can you answer his question?

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