Anthony Portantino Is Fat

What the fuck?  Apparently Anthony Portantino produces and hosts a public access show where he interviews boring assholes while looking fat.  Like really, really fat.  In this long and stupid and boring video Portantino asks questions about the Burbank School District.  But he’s ugly and he sucks and he has no charisma, so nobody can pay attention.  I can’t believe the Democratic Party is going to allow a fat dullard like this to sully a candidate of national, generational potential like Mike Gatto in an prolonged and unnecessary primary.

People don’t vote with their brains… the vote with their dicks and clits.  And what dickclit would vote for this fat fuck?


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5 Responses to Anthony Portantino Is Fat

  1. Another donut? yes, please says:

    WTF happened to Faturdino? He seems to be getting fatter each day. Clearly the only running he’s doing is for State Senate.

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