Mike Gatto Tables Online Poker

Mike “GigaDick” Gatto quietly euthanized a beloved piece of pet legislation last week when he withdrew AB9, his attempt at legalizing online poker.  Following some early optimism, Gatto saw his faith in the bill dim over recent weeks.  And now it seems like Gatto’s bill will join the scrap heap of other failed online poker legalization efforts.

There are still a couple of online poker bills alive in the Senate and the Assembly, but realistically, there doesn’t seem to be any way to reconcile the demands of opposing parties that include online poker sites, Native American tribes, and racetracks (not to mention those parties that flat-out oppose gambling).   Gatto’s withdrawal contains an “urgency clause,” which will allow for a fast-tracked 2/3 majority vote should the opposing parties magically reach some agreement on their own.


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