Mike Gatto: Fuck Your Stupid Drone!

You what sucks a donkey dick?  Drones.  You know what sucks ten donkey dicks?  Dumbass losers who spend their free time flying drones instead of fucking hot chicks.  And you know what sucks ten thousand donkey dicks?  When those dumbass losers fly their dumbass toys into forest fires, disrupting emergency responders.

For the third time in three weeks, firefighters had to call off firefighting efforts because dumbasses keep flying their drones in the way of emergency helicopters.  These disruptions can set back wildfire containment efforts for hours at a time and cost taxpayers lots of fucking money.

Thankfully, State Assemblyman Mike Gatto has a big dick and knows how to use it.  He’s already jizzed out some new legislation seeking to seal the gaps in current federal aviation law when it comes to those annoying, stupid drones and the sexless losers who fly them.  The proposed law would up the maximum penalties from $1,000 to $5,000 and add up to six months of jail time.


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