Mike Gatto’s AB 1463: A SLAM DUNK!!!

Holy shit, motherfuckers!  Today was a very good day for  girthy State Assemblyman Mike Gatto.  As we reported earlier, his hit and run bill just passed the Assembly by a unanimous vote.  Now comes word that YET ANOTHER Gatto bill also passed the Assembly… and by another unanimous vote of 79-0!  Suck it, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi!!!

AB 1463 cuts through red tape, making it easier for Californians to engage in on-site water recycling.  If that doesn’t blow your fucking socks off, then allow Mike Gatto elaborate:

“Having access to recycled water will cut back on the use of drinking water for non-potable tasks such as irrigation, toilet-flushing, and cleaning,” said Gatto as his pants zipper split, releasing the cock-Kracken caged within.  “AB 1463 would help homeowners, businesses, and municipalities meet California’s water-quality standards and water-supply needs,” Gatto struggled to finish before his giant cock swallowed a press helicopter.



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One Response to Mike Gatto’s AB 1463: A SLAM DUNK!!!

  1. cyrilpluckett says:

    The Sultan of Swinging Meat, Mike Gatto, has been getting California wet for decades!

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