Mike Gatto: Fed Monetary Policies Are Not Sweet, Dude

Beloved Assemblyman Mike Gatto recently penned a stirring editorial for the LA Daily News in which he accused the Federal Reserve of contributing to the economic disparities that have created a class of elite, superwealthy assholes who ruin our country.

Mike points out what anyone not named Bush or Romney already knows:  over the last 30 years, prices have skyrocketed while wages have stagnated.  According to Mike, this is the fault of the Fed’s meddling.  How so?  I’m not a fucking economist.  I just read the article, and quite honestly, I don’t understand any of the finer points he’s making.

But here’s what I do understand:  Mike Gatto knows what the fuck he’s talking about.  I also understand that I fucking hate rich assholes who make normal dudes like me work multiple jobs just to make ends meet and pay off crippling loans for my useless degree from an overpriced college (which Mike Gatto supports, sadly).

Fuck man.  There is no more right and no more wrong.  No more up or down or god or country.  There is just money.  And I don’t have any.  So fuck those who do.

Sincerely, your whore mother.


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2 Responses to Mike Gatto: Fed Monetary Policies Are Not Sweet, Dude

  1. cyrilpluckett says:

    Try running a pet store in a recession! Soon enough people will be buying my puppies to cook for dinner!

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