LA Times Buries The Lead

In an amateurish journalistic faux pax that exemplifies both the general failures of the LA Times and the larger world of print and broadcast media, LA’s default paper of record totally buried the lead in their recent article about the State Senate’s new climate change bill.

The article details the progress of SB350, which sets new goals for greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy sources.  Booooooring.  It’s not until the 23rd of 24 paragraphs that the article’s “authors” get to the good stuff…

“The Assembly advanced a proposal to require that parents be notified when blood samples taken from newborns to screen for diseases are retained by the state for research. The measure is AB 170 by Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles).”

That’s it?!  What did Mike have to say about the victory?  What was he wearing?  Was he smiling?  Were hot chicks rubbing their pussies against him?  Where’s the goddamn reporting?  And why’s this all the way at the bottom of the article?!  And why did they bother writing about all that other stupid shit that nobody cares about anyways?

No wonder the newspaper industry is going the way of the brachiosaurus.



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2 Responses to LA Times Buries The Lead

  1. cyrilpluckett says:

    LA Times is bullshit! I only get my news from because I’m not a fucking moron!

    Also, did you ever find out if babes were rubbing their pussies against King Kong Dong during his sweeping victory?

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