Mike Gatto’s Hit and Run Bill is a HIT in Sacramento!!

So fucking sweet!  Look what I just found on the Internet:  news!  Specifically, news of Mike Gatto’s latest amazingly sweet bill to crack down on hit and run drivers.  It just passed the assembly with a unanimous vote of 79-0!  Suck it, Ron Kaye!!!

The bill is just the latest by Gatto in his effort to make California streets safer for pedestrians, who get mowed down by indifferent motorists on a regular basis.  Gatto has previously advanced bills to stiffen penalties and extend statues of limitations, but this bill seeks to use the existing infrastructure used for Amber Alerts to also broadcast information about suspected hit and run vehicles.

“It’s gotten to the point to where not a single week goes by without another hit-and-run tragedy occurring,” said Gatto as members of the Assembly bowed to worship at the base of his massive boner. “People flee because there’s little chance they will be caught and brought to justice.”


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2 Responses to Mike Gatto’s Hit and Run Bill is a HIT in Sacramento!!

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  2. cyrilpluckett says:

    When is Gatto going to acknowledge the Armenian Massacre of hit-and-runs in Glendale every day?

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