Daulton “No Relation to Mike” Gatto Presents: Mike Gatto Is a Sweet Dude — The Trivia Game

I just got stoned and devised a super sweet trivia game based on material previously published on our fucking awesome blog. Email your answers to MikeGattoIsASweetDude@gmail.com. Contestants with scores of 9/10 or higher will be eligible to receive an extremely sweet prize that may even approach the level of intergalactic super sweetness.

10 questions:

1.) Who among the following is NOT a sweet dude?

a) Jarvis Mitchell
b) Daulton “No Relation to Mike” Gatto
c) Cyril Pluckett
d) Phil Jennerjahn

2.) Jarvis Mitchell has an obstinate fascination with which of the following fat rock stars?

a) Meat Loaf
b) Steven Page
c) Axl Rose
d) Elvis

3.) Who is Daulton “No Relation to Mike” Gatto’s all-time favorite game show host?

a) Alex Trebek
b) Richard Dawson
c) Chuck Woolrie
d) Bob Barker

4.) What kind of store does Cyril Pluckett own and operate like the sweet dude that he is?

a) Donut shop
b) Pet store
c) Weed dispensary
d) Liquor store

5.) Some bizarre dude named “Tony” was crusading against Mike Gatto because of:

a) Ass hairs
b) Foreskins
c) Ballsacs
d) Jizz wads

6.) Mike Gatto thinks Faith No More’s best album is:

a) The Real Thing
b) Angel Dust
c) King for a Day: Fool for a Lifetime
d) Sol Invictus

7.) Who was the incumbent ruler of the Roman Empire when Christianity became the official state religion in 379 AD?

a) Marcus Aurelius
b) Mike Gatto
c) Theodosis I
d) Constantine I

8.) Ron Kaye is infamous for his insatiable love of:

a) Pork fried rice
b) Animal boners
c) Scat porn
d) Mountain climbing

9.) Who is the sweetest dude with the biggest dick and the softest balls in the world?

a) The Old Spice guy
b) Todd Royal
c) Jarvis Mitchell
d) Mike Gatto

10.) According to the #1 hit single “Mike Gatto Is a Sweet Dude” by Jarvis Mitchell & Daulton Gatto, which of the following landforms did Mike Gatto create with his giant boner?

a) Old Faithful
b) Grand Canyon
c) Rocky Mountains
d) Niagara Falls

Don’t be a dickhead. Email your answers to MikeGattoIsASweetDude@gmail.com RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!

Daulton “No Relation to Mike” Gatto is no relation to Mike Gatto.


About Daulton Gatto (no relation to Mike Gatto)

I am a sweet dude, but nowhere near as sweet as Mike Gatto. (I am not related to Mike Gatto. Our identical last name is purely a coincidence.)
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