UC Tech: The Dream is Dead

It’s official:  AB1438 is dead, killed in fiscal committee.  Whatever.  It’s not like I give a shit.

If you haven’t heard of AB1438, it’s because we didn’t write about it.  We meant to, but we had more important shit to do.  Then we had some free time, but we procrastinated.  Maybe deep down inside, we knew the bill had no fucking chance in hell of becoming law.  Not with it’s $50 million price tag just for the initial exploratory phase of development.

Still, we can’t say that we disagree with Mike that a UC campus specializing in technology and science would be extremely sweet.  But the UC system is already too fucked to go off and build a whole new college, even if Mike Gatto is a sweet dude with a giant dick and a billion grandchildren.

Whatever.  It’ll still look awesome in a campaign ad, where stirring pictures of Mike Gatto will accompany a voiceover that boasts, “When Mike Gatto was in the State Assembly, he authored a bill to create a new UC Technology and Science campus!”  It doesn’t really matter if the bill died.  And even if they built the stupid school, it would probably suck and cost too much.  The world can suck a dick.



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