RIP Higby :(

I was Googling “Mike Gatto” for news to write about today, and I came across this obituary in the LA Daily news for Mike Higby.  The article referenced Higby’s legal brouhaha with the Gatto administration over claims Higby made on his blog.  The ensuing controversy has been well chronicled on this site and others, and in this moment, doesn’t need to be re-hashed.

Suffice to say, we’re sorry Higby’s gone and will remember him fondly.  That may sound odd in light of the spirited and often profane disagreements we’ve had about Mike Gatto in our attempts to create memorable political theater.  But it saddens me to think that we will only know Higby through the prism of that one narrow conflict.

His obituary describes a kind man with a generous sense of humor, and it’s a shame that the absurdity of politics have kept us from ever knowing that side of him.  But it’s heartening to know that so many others did.  We wish him and his family peace.



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3 Responses to RIP Higby :(

  1. cyrilpluckett says:

    Every hero needs a nemesis. Higby will be missed…

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