Mike Gatto Gives the Odds on Online Poker

Legalized online gambling is shaping up to be one of the hottest issues for Mike Gatto’s final legislative session before being termed out of the State Assembly.  Just a few months ago, he came out with both pistols blazing in an attempt to pass a legalization bill.  In his exhaustive interview with Online Poker Report, he hyped his bill and apologized on behalf of lesser assemblymen who drafted bills which already failed.

Gatto seemed characteristically cocksure as he made the case for why his bill could succeed where others couldn’t.  But it didn’t take long for the dream to crumble.  First, the industry nixed his seemingly contradictory plan to require in-store registration to play online poker.

And now in this video posted on the YouTube page belonging to “California Online Poker,” Gatto speculates that the odds on passing a bill have dwindled to only 35%.  His comments were made as part of a keynote address at the iGaming Legislative Symposium.


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