Mike Gatto Scraps Plans for In-Person Online Poker Registration

It wasn’t too long ago that Mike “Cockzilla” Gatto offered an exhaustively thorough interview with the Online Poker Report in which he touted his new online poker legalization bill.  While previous bills had failed due to concerns over age verification and potential fraud, Gatto’s bill sought to remedy those issues by requiring online poker players to register in person to open an account.

That seemed like an idea of questionable sweetness, since driving to a storefront to fill out papers is kinda contradictory to the whole point of gambling online.  At the time, Gatto tried to make the proposition seem more appealing by suggesting poker sites could open storefront branches with in-store gambling booths and rewards programs, even comparing the potential outlets to commercial bank branches.  Admittedly, that sounded pretty fucking sweet.

Well shit on that.  The online poker lobby has nixed that suggestion.  The obvious reason is cost, but the other reasons include futility, pointlessness, redundancy and redundancy.  It seems as if plenty of completely dependable and proven methods of online identity verification already exist.  And if they’re good enough for banks and credit cards, then they can probably also handle the poker industry too.

Gatto framed the changes in his bill not as a failure of his initial vision, but as evidence of his superior ability to compromise.  “I pride myself in listening,” Gatto ironically explained to Phillip Conneller of CardsChat.com in another thorough interview.

Sweet dude.


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3 Responses to Mike Gatto Scraps Plans for In-Person Online Poker Registration

  1. Dumb Fuck Gatto Fan says:

    Gatto is an asshole.

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