Mike Gatto LIVE on Assembly Access!

Holy fucking shit.  Mike “Golden Dick” Gatto just showed up on “Assembly Access” to promote his new committee on issues of modern privacy.  In an attempt to subliminally seduce watchers, Mike subtly dropped some choice words to describe his new committee, including “member,” “desire,” “piece,” “intimately,” “fingertips,” and “crave.”

To be honest, the press conference wasn’t nearly as titillating as those few words would suggest.  But Mike looked dapper in a trim, fitted gray suit and a shirt and tie that boasted  differing yet complimentary patterns.

“Time and privacy… that’s what everybody craves,” said Mike in his final remark.  Though the authors of this blog would hasten to add that in addition to time and privacy, we also crave Mike’s giant horse cock and his hot, gooey ropes of spurting manseed.


About Jarvis Mitchell

author, politico, collector of pens
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