Welcome Cyril Pluckett!

Hard to believe that it’s already been four years since Daulton and I began this labor of love.  Over that time, we’ve chronicled the ups and downs of the Gatto administration, as well as the ups and downs of our own relationship.  And while this site remains as labor of love, there’s no denying the tremendous amounts of both needed to sustain a journal of such esteemed regard.

To help with the labor, we’re proud to introduce the newest member of the Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude team:  Cyril Pluckett.  Cyril works at the pet shop where Daulton buys seeds for his stupid awesome birds.  Cyril’s cultivated quite a fascination with Mike Gatto over the years, and is eager to find a constructive outlet for his new Adderall prescription.

Welcome to the team, Cyril!!!



About Jarvis Mitchell

author, politico, collector of pens
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