President of Armenia: Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude!!!

Serzh Sarkisian, President of the beleaguered nation of Armenia, recently awarded Assemblyman Mike Gatto one of his country’s highest honors:  the Mkhitar Gosh Medal for outstanding state and social-political activities.  Gatto would have been a shoe-in for the Ohmi Gosh medal for outstanding horse cock, except that no such award exists in Armenia.  Yet.

“Pursuant to paragraph 16, article 55 of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, and guided by the Law of the Republic of Armenia on State Awards, I hereby decree: To award Mike Gatto, California State Assemblymember, the Mkhitar Gosh Medal for his contribution in strengthening and developing the Armenia-U.S. friendly relations and many years of dedication to Armenian issues.” said President Sarkisian.


In singling out Gatto for the esteemed award, President Sarkisian touched upon many of the same issues we’ve covered on this site:  Gatto’s efforts to win international recognition of the Armenian genocide, opening legal avenues for genocide victims to seek reparations, and forcefully decrying the continued malevolence of the Ottoman Turks.

President Sarkisian also singled out Gatto’s efforts to support the fledgling Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.  “Assemblyman Mike Gatto authored AJR 32, which made California the most populous entity in the world to recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and called upon the United States government to do the same.”

For years now, we’ve referred to Assemblyman Mike Gatto as an “Honorary Armenian” in light of his efforts to prove himself to a key ethnic voting bloc.  In some small measure, we feel like we can share in the validation offered by the Mkhitar Gosh Medal.

And to think, it wasn’t that long ago that deranged Armenian extremists accused Mike of undermining Armenian candidates and disenfranchising Armenian delegates to clinch the Glendale vote.  Chief among these critics was Peter Musurlian, a fat lunatic who got served with a restraining order.

When reached for comment on Gatto’s recognition, Musurlian drooled, giggled and repeated the phrase, “Derrrrrrrr… me poo poo on myself.”



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