Mike Gatto vs. Spy TV’s

Mike “Wide Load” Gatto took to the airwaves to decry new technology that could turn your harmless television into a digital spy.

Consumers have been forced to strike a delicate balance in the evolving conflict between technology and privacy.  But sextastic Assemblyman Mike Gatto has drawn a line in the sand when it comes to equipping televisions with microphones that can use to record and transmit conversations.

Gatto offers a reluctant acceptance of Internet sites storing information on our browsing habits in an attempt to tailor unique advertising experiences.  But he thinks it’s creepy as fuck if a TV did it too.

Makers of these “smart TV’s” insist the voice-recording features are only used to customize voice-activated controls.  But that’s a pile of horseshit.  Smart TV’s can suck doo doo from my butthole.


About Jarvis Mitchell

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