Sierra Madre Tattler Accuses Mike Gatto of Secretly Blogging About His Own Sweetness

The notorious pigfuckers over at the Sierra Madre Tattler are up to their old pig-fucking tricks again!  Loyal Gattophiles will no doubt recall the Tattler for their slanderous charge of financial imprudence by the Gatto administration.

But that accusation pales in comparison to their latest whopper.  According to these foremost experts in pig-fucking, Mike Gatto himself is the author of Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.32.03 AM

They returned to these slanderous accusations in another article, just like a pigfucker returning to a pig farm to fuck some more pigs.  “The following comes to us from the always interesting but kinda dirty “Mike Gatto Is A Sweet Dude” blog – link. The #1, foremost and quite possibly self-published blog for all things Gonzo Gatto, the pride of Glendale and Burbank.”

They go on to republish our ENTIRE article, save for 11 redacted words they consider too “dirty” for the retards in Sierra Madre.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.38.13 AM

In order, those deleted “expletives” were “ballsless douchebags,” “fuck,” “masturbating,” “masturbate,” “boner,” “shitty,” “dumbass,” “pussies,” “fucking,” and “tits.”

I’m sure Mike Gatto would love to take credit for political journalism as esteemed as ours, but as we’ve plainly stated time and time again, Mike Gatto has nothing to do with our site.  In fact, even if he wanted to officially endorse us, we wouldn’t accept it because we wouldn’t want to have to censor ourselves.

For instance, if we want to say that the authors of the Sierra Madre Tattler are a bunch of ballsless douchebags who fuck pigs and masturbate shitty pig boners onto their dumbass pussies and tits, we want to be free to say that.  And we wouldn’t want the pigfuckers at the Sierra Madre Tattler to take that quote out of context, ascribe it to Mike Gatto, and use it in one of their political hit-pieces.  That’s the kind of bullshit game the politicarazzi loves to play.

So to all the pigfuckers at the Sierra Madre Tattler and all the insufferable pigfuckers who populate the miserable pig-fucking community of Sierra Madre, go fuck a pig.  Sincerely, Jarvis Mitchell and Daulton Gatto (no relation to Mike Gatto).


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12 Responses to Sierra Madre Tattler Accuses Mike Gatto of Secretly Blogging About His Own Sweetness

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  2. says:

    Thanks Mike! We’ll write this one up as well.

    • go ahead. you published some bullshit lies that you will eventually be forced to recant and apologize for. just like mike higby. just like ron kaye. when will you retards learn?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Mike!

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  8. Dumb Fuck Gatto Fan says:

    what a bunch dooshbags.

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