9 Steamy “Mike Gatto Nude” Pixxx from Google Image Search

Google is a website anybody can use to look up information on the world wide web.  Like just for example, say you wanted to see nude pics of California State Assemblyman Mike Gatto… just type that shit in and click the blue magnifying glass.  Here are the 9 steamiest pics of Mike Gatto nude that I just found.*

(* Editors Note:  We’ve put in a request to Assemblyman Gatto’s office to either confirm or deny the legitimacy of these images.  For now, we can only assume they’re 100% real.)

Mike Gatto xxx

8.  It’s hard to tell whether or not that’s Mike behind the shades.  But those abs don’t lie.

mike gatto porn

7.  4×4?  Try more like 12×4!

naked mike gatto

9.  I’d spangle that banner til Mike Gatto saw stars.


6.  This pic looks strikingly similar to the long-rumored “Mike Gatto Shirtless” pic reportedly floating around the Internet in a cropped version.

sexy mike gatto

5.  Stranded with Mike Gatto in a Brazilian rainforest?  With nothing to eat but each other’s desire?  More please!!

Josh Trusty 51969550d0de3

4.  When I see this pic of Mike Gatto, it makes me think of sucking Mike Gatto’s dick.

nude mike gatto

3.  Incontrovertible proof that Mike Gatto waxes his junk?  We’ll keep you posted as soon as his office comments.

mike gatto

2.  What the fuck is this bullshit?  Google fucking sucks.

images1.  What has four thumbs and wants to clean seaman Gatto’s poop deck?  These dudes.


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