Mike Gatto OBLITERATES Todd Royal

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Mike Gatto has been declared the official winner in the race for California’s 43rd Assembly District.  He won with a whopping 66% of the vote, trouncing and humiliating Todd Royal, the Republican party’s sacrificial lamb.

In what was an otherwise bleak year for Democrats across the nation, Gatto showed what’s possible when the party drafts candidates with giant horse cocks and great big balls of steel.  People don’t vote with their minds… the vote with their dicks and pussies.

So suck my dick, eat my nuts and lick my ass!  Mike Gatto is a boner owner.  Todd Royal is a boner dethroner.  Since this is Mike’s third win, he’ll now be termed out of the State Assembly.  So maybe this time next year, we will be congratulating Councilman Gatto on his next triumphant victory.  IMG_1649


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