ISIS Will Kill Itself

ISIS is so full of shit.  First, they convince everybody they’re taking over the Middle East, when they’re not.  Then their leader started sucking all those animal boners.  Now everybody’s all worried about how we’re going to kill those assholes, when in reality they’re just going to kill themselves.

Here’s why… because it’s a lot easier to be a terrorist group than it is to be a functioning country.  It’s a lot easier to spend your days cutting off little girls’ clits than it is to supply water, food, law enforcement, healthcare, and any other basic social services to a reliant population.

Some dumbasses on dumbass cable news like to make a big deal about how much money ISIS is bringing in, mainly through oil sales, and sure… the idea of making a million bucks a day seems pretty impressive.  But that doesn’t begin to cover ISIS’s mounting costs of operation.  They also have to pay for the government itself — the leaders and bureaucrats and all their administration and facilities.  They have to pay tribal leaders in other regions.  And they have to pay the mounting costs of not only their soldiers, but the multiple families of dependents that each soldier has.

Take Mosul, the biggest city under ISIS’s control with a population of nearly two million.  They’ve only been in charge for five months, but there are already food shortages.  The price of kerosene, which is used to cook, has already tripled.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi clearly bit off more than he could chew when he prematurely declared the formation of a new country.  It’s going to be funny as shit to watch this all blow up in his face (no pun intended) when his teeming masses revolt and his precious caliphate goes the way of every other dysfunctional Muslim state before it.  Lol.

Jesus thanks Mike Gatto for ejaculating in his eye.

Jesus thanks Mike Gatto for ejaculating in his eye.


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