7 Pixxx of Muhammed that ISIS Doesn’t Want You To See!!!

Whether you call them ISIS, ISIL or the Islamic State, one thing’s for sure… they don’t want anybody depicting their precious religious prophet.  Here are 7 steamy pixxx of the Prophet Muhammed that the budding caliphate doesn’t want you to see!

7.  For Christ’s sake, Muhammad… Act like a lady!

lindsay lohan flashed

6.  “Trust me, Muhammad… I won’t show this tape to anybody!”

Dustin Diamond sex tape

5.  Alright, Muhammad!  It was cute at first.  Now this whole thing seems like a cynical media ploy.
Kanye West sex tape

4.  Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi would probably rather you forget that time Robin Thicke put his boner in Muhammed’s buttcrack.  

Miley Cyrus Muhammed

3.  Heads rolled when ISIS saw this sex tape starring the Prophet Muhammad and Verne “Mini Me” Troyer.verne troyer sex tape

2.  Dear Muhammad:  You have 1.6 billion followers.  None of them want to see your gross old man tits.  Sincerely, get a shirt. 

Jack Nicholson shirtless

1. Paris Hilton’s private romp with the prophet of Islam became a public spectacle when the movie “One Night in Muhammad” was released.

paris hilton sex tape


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