The Good Factor: Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude!

As we just reported minutes ago, a realtor named Rob Good  blogged a blog about how fucking unbelievably sweet Mike Gatto is.  Well, it turns out Mike Gatto might be doubly sweet.  It seems like another blog known as The Good Factor is also trumpeting praise for Mike’s plan to allow car enthusiasts to buy special vintage plates for their vintage vehicles.

After careful linguistic examination by MGIASD’s forensics team, we have concluded that these two blogs are the exact same fucking thing.  What the fuck is that all about?

“I would like the blue and yellow plate for my 74 vehicle, since the DMV and YOM program currently will not allow me to put the original blue and yellow plates that came with the vehicle originally to be re registered to the car,” The Good Report reported.  “I hope that we get to 7500 in the Blue and yellow plates, or the DMV changes the YOM program to enable all cars with blue and yellow plates originally issued, to be able to re register if you have the original plates.”

Yeah, fucking sweet. I already said that, dude.


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