Mike Gatto: San Fernando Aquifer is Sweet, Dude

Mike Gatto has a solution to California’s drought:  the reserves of water in the San Fernando Aquifer.  There’s just one problem:  some fucking corporate assholes polluted the whole damn thing in the 40’s.  What the fuck is that all about?

Now Mike’s got a new plan to clean it up, and he’s asking the state legislature for a whole shit load of money to do it.  Normally, Mike and I would err on the side of cautiously conservative spending (unless it’s for Hollywood movies), but this drought is serious business and somebody’s gotta do something.

There are some other proposals to deal with the issue of water use — including increased DWP rates and water cops with the power to issue $600 citations for washing your car.  You can read more about it over on this blog who actually gives a fuck.  Me?  I skipped down to the final paragraphs, as they are the only ones that directly reference Handsome Mike.MW-CE076_drough_NS_20140515163104


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