Dan Walters: Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude

Look who’s back… It’s Dan Walters, that trash spewing troll of a mutant who slandered Mike Gatto in a recent hit piece for the Sacramento Bee!  Only this time, he’s singing a different tune altogether.  After catching flack from this site for his dumbass opinions on Mike Gatto’s stewardship of the Appropriations Committee, he’s backtracking faster than something that backtracks quickly.

In today’s article, Dan “Ugly” Walters praises Mike for a recent editorial in which he criticizes the role unelected bureaucrats play in implementing legislation without the legislature.  These bullshit executive committees effectively draft, pass and enforce laws on their own, without accountability to the voters.  As Mike points out and Dan mimics, this had led to numerous corruption cases.  Obviously, elections would remedy this problem since nobody’s ever heard of corruption amongst elected politicians.

While it’s nice to see Dan Walters take a stand on the right side of history, it would be nice if he’d do so while looking less ugly.



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