Portantino and Nazarian Waging Whisper Campaigns Against Mike Gatto

The esteemed Burbank Blog posted an expose about scheming, manipulative politicians Anthony Portantino and Adrin Nazarian and how they’ve conspired to attack Mike Gatto on various fronts, including a secret “whisper campaign.”

The explosive allegations begin with the story of Portantino and Nazarian bailing on the capitol during the critical debates over the Water Bond so they could gorge themselves on steaks with evil corporate lobbyists.  They even published this spy photo, including a humorous quote mocking the fat fuck on the left.

photoThe Burbank Blog speculates that Portantino and Nazarian have conspired against Gatto since his first campaign as part of their long-range goal to create opposition to a candidate they knew would kick their fat, ugly asses in future elections.  There’s been plenty of rumors swirling around Mike’s next move, as he’ll soon be termed out of the State Assembly.  Some predict he’ll pursue Carol Liu’s soon-to-be vacant seat in the State Senate.  Yet other rumors point to a run for Tim LaBonge’s seat in the LA City Council.  Either of these seats would put Mike in likely opposition either Portantino or Nazarian.

The Burbank Blog concludes its bombshell piece with this accusation:  “Thus, this not-so dynamic duo plot, and engage in deception and negative campaigning even on days where the hard working people of our state really need them to be engaged on the critical issues, like, I don’t know, this huge friggin’ drought.   Plus our local Assemblymember gets bogus attack after bogus attack, whether in the form of astroturf blogs or planted stories.  A sad reflection of a broken political system.  What, did you think Anthony Portantino actually gave a hoot about transparency?”


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