Carl Weathers: Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude

In this recently posted video, Carl Weathers joins Mike Gatto in celebrating the passage of his bold new film and TV tax incentive plan designed to keep industry jobs in California, where they fucking belong.  The actor who famously embodied boxer Apollo Creed looked like a haggard, bloated shell of his former self when pictured alongside the much more virile and robust Mike Gatto.

Weathers said something, then Gatto took his turn telling the story of some dude who cried about having to travel to Georgia for a job.  What job?  Mike couldn’t remember, as it was one of those thankless “below-the-line” movie jobs.  Mike knows what it’s like to be both a man and a father, so he knows how degraded and powerless that dude must have been to cry in public and embarrass himself like a giant pussy.  So he had to act.  Here’s the whole story:



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