Dan Walters / Sacremento Bee Smear Mike Gatto

Dan Walters, a gnarled old troll of a man, just published a hit piece attacking Mike Gatto, the heroically beautiful State Assembly Representative for the 43rd District.  Walters is all pissed off because Mike Gatto chairs the Appropriations Committee and has the responsibility of managing the process through which some bills are debated before going to a potential vote.

Walters, a notorious eater of fecal matter, objects the the very existence of the Appropriations Committee and pedantically explains its creation…  Legislators would write bills the state couldn’t afford, so they created a special committee to do a post-facto analysis of the budget for any available funds.  ‘Suspense Bills’ would then be considered for these remaining funds.  

Walters has his panties in a twist over this because he feels it’s just another committee in which bills can be killed off without necessitating a floor vote.  Yeah?  And what exactly is the problem with that?  Have you read some of these bills?  Plenty of them are stupid, costly and purely symbolic pieces of shit designed to pander to local voters and pad the resumes of upwardly mobile politicians.  Clearly, the real issue is that Dan Walters is a hideous mutant creature who is jealous of Mike Gatto’s good looks, successful career and hot wife.  He can suck my ass.



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