Mike Gatto and the Wild West of Medical Marijuana

Lou Correa, a bald and unappealing state legislator, was pissed today.  “We’re very disappointed and quite surprised,” Correa said after his dumbass bill for shitheads, SB1262, was shot down by Mike Gatto, chair of the Appropriations Committee.


“Those folks in  California who want to preserve the wild west, which means no regulation whatsoever of medical marijuana, those are the people who won today,” Correa indirectly said of Mike Gatto, a politician who is more successful, more powerful, more beloved by voters and with a far hotter wife.  

Mike agreed with others on the committee when they decided to deny the bill, which would have imposed a hefty $8,000 yearly licensing fee on small business owners trying to eek out a meager living selling legal medical marijuana.  In order to collect this tax, Correa’s laughably retarded bill would have necessitated the creation of a new licensing agency at the cost of $20 million.


But Gatto also rejected Correa’s misguided assertion that there was presently “no regulation whatsoever of medical marijuana.”  In fact, there’s plenty of well-documented regulation of medical marijuana, including Proposition D, which was just approved by LA voters last year.  Gatto correctly pointed out how it would be unfair and confusing for Correa to impose a new set of his own contradictory laws, essentially overriding the will of voters and city legislators who have taken the time to craft common sense laws to meet the unique needs of their individual communities.

In the meantime, the authors of this esteemed news service will continue to blaze both fat joints and skunky bowls of the finest weed in the history of the world.  Why?  Because marijuana if so fucking sweet.  Lou Correa can eat a pile of shit.



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