Foxy Kerri Kasem Name-Drops Mike Gatto in TV Interview

Kerri Kasem, a foxy brunette whose famous father recently passed away, took to the airwaves of LA’s ABC7, ostensibly to talk about a new law she’s writing with Assemblyman Mike Gatto, though she spent far more time trash-talking her shitty step-mom and  laying out the details of their feud.

While there’s only brief mention of Gatto, there are still a few other amusing things about this video.  First, it starts with some dumbass reporter staring into the camera like a complete dumbass for several long, uncomfortable moments as the technical crew struggles to run a tape.  

Then, in a home video shamelessly supplied to ABC7 without context, Kasem’s wicked step-mother is seen throwing raw meat at her.  Obviously, a credible news story on the proposed legislation could have been made without the voyeuristic beef-flinging clip, but let’s be honest… it’s fucking sweet to see weird shit on TV, and local news is otherwise boring as shit.  

Skip ahead to 1:50 to see Mike Gatto.  Skip to 1:20 to see that crazy bitch throw some meat.


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